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What Is the Reason for the LED Factory Light?

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I may not know that the death lamp of the professionally said that the LED lamp beads that we often encountered in our daily lives are not bright. The LED factory lamp is not bright, and a part of the reason may be defects in the quality of the lamp, but there are many other reasons.

LED factory lamp failure phenomenon is usually manifested as all LED factory lights are not bright or only part of it is broken.

For a malfunction, all LED factory lights are not bright. If the reason is the mains protection switch tripped, then it is possible. If it is energized or not bright, then the LED driver power failure, the LED factory light power is a waterproof seal power supply If it is broken, it will replace new, and the power protection function will directly affect the quality of the LED factory lamp.

For a malfunction: only part of the LED factory light power is multiplexed, which may be broken, and the LED chip is not good, or the LED factory lamp is not good, and the LED chip is broken, and there is also It may be that the drive or power board is damaged, or some LED disconnects cause other LEDs to be abnormal.

There are many reasons why the LED plant lamp beads are not bright. Many times, they can't only determine the source of the fault with simple viewing, especially in the face of large-area LED factory lights, we should ask Professionals carefully check, try to eliminate hidden dangers, avoid similar problems, not only this, if you want the LED lamp factory long-term operation, not only in the purchase of lamps, after use, you should also test the LED factory lamp regularly. Avoid hidden dangers to ensure safe use of LED factory lamps.

What Is the Reason for the LED Factory Light? 1

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