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What Questions Do You Need to Pay Attention to When the LED Garden Lamp Is Designed?

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With the advancement of LED technology, many outdoor road lights use LED light sources, today our protagonist garden lights are not listed. But do you know what problems do you need to pay attention to when the LED garden lamp is designed? Next, the courtyard lamp manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.

1, the LED garden lights are in the form of diffuse light, and the diffuse light and direct light are different from excessive shadows, making the color brightness and darkening. However, an important issue in the form of trailing lights in the form of diffused light is to solve the problem that the surface temperature of the illuminant is too high. As far as the popular trail garden lights in the market, few products can solve such problems.

2, elevation angle, calculation of shoulder distance. The calculation of elevation, shoulder distance can achieve a good balance between functional and landscape effects. For example, if the design of the elevation angle, if you consider the corresponding landscape design, you can better reflect the role of the landscape, but also in function Meet people's needs.

LED garden lamp design first needs attention to the innovation of design concepts, followed by the humanity and diversity of functions, but also to unity of functional diverse and landscape lighting, need to introduce composite design ideas, and do function lighting as much as possible Coordination with landscape lighting.

What Questions Do You Need to Pay Attention to When the LED Garden Lamp Is Designed? 1

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