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What Should I Pay Attention to Using the LED Lighting Light? @Led

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Because the fluid light power is relatively large, the applied power cord should be selected according to the actual power line. And divide power. LED flood lights are waterproof and moisture-proof design, and their protection grades can reach IP65. It is possible to test the detection of the upper rain, but cannot be immersed in underwater work, and its protection level does not reach underwater work requirements. The location of the installation is necessary to have enough acceptance ability, and its acceptance ability should be able to accept 10 times the drive component. The working power supply is a pressure-alternating current, which should be too simple to touch the crowd, and do a good job in the ground, it is necessary to ground. LED floodlights are power-type devices, and the ambient temperature is very sensitive, and the working environment is at 45.°At the time of C, its life will decrease and accompanied by a severe appearance trace. Therefore, the fluid should be placed in a ventilated local area, and insist on the light of the fluid with a relatively good heat dissipation environment. Its working ambient temperature should be in -25°C 45°C between C. The temperature of the workplace must not be 45°C to ensure the life of the light. There is a small partner that needs a flood light, you can call our company directly, please feel free to welcome everyone!


What Should I Pay Attention to Using the LED Lighting Light? @Led 1

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