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Why Is the LED Solar Street Light Being Loved by People?

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LED solar street lights have already existed in rural areas, why is there such a rural area like LED solar street lights? The solar street lamp manufacturers are simply introduced to the benefits of using it.

my country's electricity consumption in lighting accounts for 20% of total power generation. The average service life of LED solar street lamps can reach more than 50,000 hours. It is 3 times higher than the ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp life. According to the normal usage of 8-10 hours a day, the solar street light can be used for more than ten years, it is not only in power saving. The superior advantage, and it is maintained without maintenance, there is no need to consume a lot of human material.

Ordinary lighting electricity is generated by power plants, power plants provide electrical energy through burning fossil fuels, which is very serious to the environment, so ordinary street lights can't meet the road of future green development. The solar street light does not consume electrical energy, and the natural light can be converted into electric energy, and the LED solar street light has risen quickly with the advantages of environmental energy saving. LED solar street lamps replaced traditional high-pressure sodium lamps are generally trend, and it is also an inevitable result of the development of the times.

The advantages of LED solar street lights, it has long service life, no need to lay cable, low maintenance cost, safe and reliable, energy saving, non-pollution, this series of advantages makes it a darling of the lighting industry.

With the development of the LED solar street lamp, the use frequency of the LED light source has gradually increased, and the high pressure sodium lamp or the gold halide lamp is not suitable for frequent switches, and its dimming cost is relatively high. The LED lamp is precipitated, it is not only suitable for frequency, frequency, and dimming costs are relatively low, but also more power saving.

Nowadays, the society is proposed is the recycling and efficient use of resources. With the continuous advancement of technology, the promotion, environmental, low-carbon is now advocated, and the society is constantly striving to contribute to a saving society. Compared to the traditional street lamp, the LED solar street lamp is in the same brightness, its power consumption is only 10% of the ordinary street light, so, the LED solar street lamp relieves the problem of resources, and it also reduces mineral resources to the environment. Threat.

Why Is the LED Solar Street Light Being Loved by People? 1

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