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Why Is the Light of the Light Light?

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With the development of science and technology, the street light is growing rapidly. Why is the light of the lights of light? The outdoor landscape lamp manufacturers introduce.

First, no matter how many of the LED street lights, the species of the lamp, each has a certain range of colors, to make some color light, add a color chain before the incandescent lamp. Most of the street lights are yellow because these street lights use the sodium lamp, relied on the sodium steam. The reason is also easy to think that the sodium lamp is very high in all types of traditional electro-optic sources. That is to say, there is almost no electricity payment, and the life of the lamp is more than 20,000 hours.

In the case of street lights, seeing objects, ensuring traffic safety is important. Identifying color is not important. The opposite car is black or red, and the pedestrians who are hiding the car are not different. Therefore, if the light effect is higher, the lifetime is selected, the same power can be consumed, cover more roads, and reduce maintenance costs. But this does not mean that the chromogenicity is not important, and the low-voltage sodium lamp is currently eliminated in the street lamp. The main reason is that the color is too poor.

With the maturity of the LED light source, the light efficiency has been close or exceeded with high pressure sodium lamps. With the further development of technology, the field of streetlights will gradually be occupied by excellent LED light sources.

Why Is the Light of the Light Light? 1

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